Conspiracies assume many different forms. In some instances an entire family is cursed, as Kennedy blood and tragedy have seeped across the decades from Dallas (JFK) to L.A. (RFK), Chappaquiddick (Teddy) and Martha’s Vineyard (JFK Jr.).  As if part of some synchronized process, these conspiracies unfold into one another with troubling regularity.  The attack on the Lusitania prior to WWI can be traced directly, only using a few degrees of separation, to future events involving the Bush crime family, the 9-11 attacks and Norway’s 2011 massacre.  Whether it’s the corrosive effects of today’s political correctness, bizarre symbolism associated with high-profile true crimes, or a Hollywood director’s alleged involvement in filming the “Moon hoax,” Conspireality plummets readers to areas of the rabbit hole that they never even knew existed.

Incredibly, in these pages you’ll learn how the Patty Hearst kidnapping, a CIA-financed remote viewing project, the Zodiac killings, the barbaric Stanford Prison experiment and widespread cybernetic mind control programs can all be tied to one geographic locale in northern California.  By book’s end, as one climbs back out of the rabbit hole, he realizes—akin to the ongoing myth of “lone nut assassins” —all of these events are interconnected and don’t exist inside a vacuum.

What's Inside This Controversial Book . . . 

For the first time ever in book form Victor Thorn explores quite possibly the biggest mystery of all regarding the president’s past. Largely unknown even in conspiracy circles, the explosive nature of this material guarantees that it will be one of the most controversial exposes ever penned in regard to America’s first black president. These revelations could forever alter the Obama legacy. Forget the unanswered questions surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate, the identity of his actual father, and even his “lost” college years; this is even BIGGER.
Sandy Hook

TWA FLIGHT 800 . . .
We all remember the horror when, in the summer of 1996, TWA Flight 800 crashed shortly and crew. Despite nearly 150 eyewitnesses describing a missile impacting this aircraft, the Clinton administration’s cover-up artists blamed the tragedy on a “mechanical failure.” But through all the fog and disinformation, do the real secrets of this incident point toward a false-flag attack gone wrong involving the Israeli government? A new analysis of the known facts!
The drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne inside an automobile owned by Teddy Kennedy effectively destroyed the young Massachusetts senator’s hopes of ever attaining the presidency. Kennedy claimed to be the driver that fateful night as his car plunged over the side of a bridge and was submerged in water. However, Thorn cites evidence that has been suppressed for decades which now paints an entirely different picture—one even more baffling than Kennedy’s original account. A SHOCKER in this old mystery!
In 1999, murmurs began circulating that JFK Jr.—then editor of George magazine—could make a run for the Senate seat being vacated by longtime politician Daniel Moynihan. The only problem: First lady Hillary Clinton also coveted this post in order to pad her résumé for a future presidential run. Find out the real details about how and why Kennedy’s plane plummeted into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.  Few stories are more chilling than this one—and few have had such a pivotal bearing on the political future of America.
As a continuation of Thorn’s true-crime coverage in New World Order Assassins that shed new light on such cases as John Lennon’s murder, the Helter Skelter slayings, and RFK’s assassination, Conspireality follows the trail of two high profile dramas that transfixed America during the early 1970s: the kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst and northern California’s enigmatic Zodiac killer. Could both of these traumatic episodes have direct ties to government mind-control programs such as MK-ULTRA?
According to mainstream media talking heads and Hollywood’s All the President’s Men, two Washington Post reporters—Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein—elicited information from a clandestine source named “Deep Throat” that eventually brought about the downfall of Richard Nixon. Still, have historians overlooked a crucial component to this scenario? Namely, did Tricky Dick seek to undermine the Federal Reserve and ultimately replace it with another institution? A Nixon-era government employee spills the beans. Is Nixon a national HERO?
If a top 10 list of conspiracy theories were ever compiled, the Apollo 11Moon hoax would surely be included. Whether or not one believes that NASA engineered such a major act of trickery, they’ll nonetheless be absorbed by the intrigue behind this fantastic tale. Of special interest is the potential involvement of legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. Was this controversial director responsible for creating the moonscapes Americans saw on TV circa 1969? What particular event brought him to the government’s attention? Plus, did Kubrick lace his movie The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson, with clues to his role in this affair? Guaranteed: You’ll never view this topic the same way again!
Most everyone is familiar with a technique known as remote viewing where the Dept. of Defense employed psychics to spy on enemy targets from great distances. But do connections exist between this cloak-and-dagger practice and another furtive operation known as Scientology? Moreover, did the men slated to locate guerrilla-training encampments on foreign soil actually stumble upon top-secret installations here in the U.S.? An eclectic cast of characters emerge in this saga, such as former Pres. Jimmy Carter, Muammar Qaddafi, Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega, former CIA Dir. Allen Dulles, and spoon-bending mentalist Uri Geller.
• Football star Pat Tillman’s execution in Afghanistan
• George Bush, Sr. and the JFK assassination
• The Lusitania Attack: Blueprint for 9-11
• 1992’s L.A. Riots: A personal account
• The Federal Reserve scam exposed
• The Truth about Chemtrails
• The World’s Greatest UFO Abduction
• Experiments in the Abuse of Authority
• Project Soul Catcher

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